Virtual Counseling

Alongside is first-of-its-kind technology for counseling teams

A safe space

Students reluctant to get help have a safe and confidential space

What students reveal and do in Alongside is private. And when students need additional help, they have an easy way to send a message to their school support team.

Therapeutic exercises and Activities

Overwhelmed counseling teams can meet the needs of more students

Low and moderate student issues are addressed with therapy chat exercises and activities grounded in clinical research and powered by AI.


Non-native speakers converse and get help in 60+ languages

Students can converse with Alongside in their native language, which is usually their feeling language.

Crisis Support

Students in crisis initiate help when they need it and are connected with trained professionals

When students share they are in crisis (e.g. suicidal ideation, NSSI, abuse), we point them to the best 24/7 live resources and let you know.

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