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Alongside Student Advisor

Help us tackle the teen mental health crisis!

We are looking for middle and high school students who are interested in joining our Student Advisor Panel & giving us feedback that will help millions of teens across the country improve their mental health.

About Alongside

Too many students are anxious or depressed, and every student struggles with issues that affect their mental health. Overburdened counselors and staff are stretching as far as they can, but it's impossible to meet the need. With Alongside, schools can provide 24/7, tier 1 mental health support for every student and save counselors time to focus on tier 2 and 3.

Using our app, students use a chatbot to talk to the llama and get personalized support developed by our team of clinicians. The llama makes it comfortable for students to open up about their specific challenges for 80+ issues. Students learn skills to solve their own problems and commit to concrete goals to take action in real life. The app is designed for middle and high school students, and the company works exclusively with schools.

About this role

As a Student Advisor, you would be asked to dedicate about 1 hour per week to joining video calls & responding to surveys where you’ll be asked to give feedback on the following topics:

  • What you like & dislike about our app and how we could improve it
  • What you like about other mental health apps
  • New features we’re considering adding to our app
  • How we could make our chats more engaging and and teen-friendly
  • What topics we should cover with our videos
  • How we can improve the cultural competency and relevancy of our app

All Student Advisors will join a Slack channel with all of the other Student Advisors and we will use that channel to post our requests for feedback and to coordinate scheduling video calls (which you will be able to schedule at whatever time works best for you).

Our Ideal Student Advisor…

  • Can empathize with teens who are struggling with their mental health
  • Is a critical thinker & clear communicator who’s able to identify ways that things could be improved, come up with ideas for how to improve them and share them clearly & concisely
  • Is very responsible, reliable & can commit to always completing surveys we send you & showing up for video calls you schedule (unless a true emergency or serious illness arises)

Why Become a Student Advisor?

  • Have your voice heard and help shape a product that will support millions of teens
  • Get some invaluable experience working in a mental health tech company
  • Gain a unique extracurricular experience to help you stand out in college & job applications
  • Connect with a group of like-minded teens who are passionate about mental health & tech

Student Advisors who do an outstanding job may also be offered a paid summer internship.

Our commitment to you:

We know talking about mental health can be challenging! Meetings and all interactions will be conducted in a manner that supports creating a safe space for teens from all backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

Application process:

To apply, please fill out this brief application.

If you run into any technical difficulties with the form, please email kyle [at] alongside [dot] care.

We will then review your application and reach out via email with next steps if we think you could be a good fit for the advisory board 🙂

Learn more about Alongside

Alongside provides every student the 24/7 mental health support they urgently want and can’t get from overburdened counselors.