Our team

Schools use Alongside's clinician-powered AI to cover all students with research-based support that adolescents like and trust.

Dr. Elsa Friis
Head of Mental Health
Dr. Blanca Jaure
Clinical R&D Manager
Dr. Clarke Heyes
Clinical R&D Manager
Dr. Guido Entenberg
Clinical R&D Manager
Jess Bell
Sr. Customer Success Manager
Anastasia Trueman
Sr. Sales Manager
Scott Freschet
Head of Sales & Success
Joshua Ahn
Sr. Marketing Manager
Jay Goyal
Anish Mehta
Head of Engineering
Dr. Sergey Feldman
Head of AI
Margot Toppen
Director of Marketing
Rajat Kanti Nandi
Senior Engineer
Michel Mansour
Senior Engineer
Joseph Ahn
Kyle Nacci
Senior Product Manager

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