A virtual counselor in every student's pocket

Alongside allows schools to reach all students who need support

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What students are saying
“Nowadays, teens are experiencing more mental problems and some feel like they have no one to talk to. With this app, not only can teens express how they feel, but they can also get feedback on how to improve the situation.”
17 year old from Texas
"There is personalized advice and results. I like how you can express your feeling without getting judged and how it also includes videos with others. The best part it also shows how to ease that pain and challenges.”
15 year old from Pennsylvania
“Most teens have their phone and feel more comfortable using your phone over the computer. This app also addresses a need that a lot of teenagers have. We don't have a lot of mental health support available to teenagers.”
16 year old from Minnesota
Reach all students who need support

Students can get help they can trust, anytime

The Alongside app uses a chatbot so students can be open without fear. As they share their struggles, students are pointed to exercises, videos and resources that help them feel better. What students reveal and do is private.

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Middle and high schools can pilot Alongside for free during SY 2022-2023.

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