24/7 real-time mental health support for students

What is Alongside?

Alongside provides middle & high school students with mental health chat exercises & activities to help them solve their own challenges and develop better relationships

Personalized and Trustworthy

Without live care, students often rely on harmful coping and social media for mental health support. We built Alongside to be a healthy alternative, providing students with accessible, personalized and trustworthy mental health support.

Meet Real Alongside Users

Students, counselors, staff, and administration all benefit when Alongside is being used

“What I liked the most is that someone finally heard the whole story without worrying about me...

...Llama bot is a good listener"
“Nowadays, teens are experiencing more mental problems and some feel like they have no one to talk to. With this app, not only can teens express how they feel, but they can also get feedback on how to improve the situation.”
“Thx sm for helping me through the tough nights...

...I love how i can talk here with no judgment or bias”
“I really like how the conversation seems as if I’m talking to a very wise friend that I’ve known for many years. I feel understood and it helps me break my problems down and figure out the root of them.”
“I liked how you helped me plan a conversation I had been dreading all week”
“You helped me get all my anger out with no judgment and you're a nice listener thanks...

...this was amazing, it helped!"
“This bot is very nice and fun to chat with...

...you gave me great advice”
A District's Perspective

Gloucester Township Public Schools is moving in a direction to empower students and give them the tools to be successful. Listen how this district is using Alongside to provide students access to mental health support.

A Counselor's Perspective

Paris Special School District is in a rural area and access to services and help can be 2 hours aways. Amy and her team are hamstrung to get kids what they need for their mental health. Listen to how Alongside helps students and staff at their school.

A Counselor's Perspective

EdCouch-Elsa ISD is in the Texas Rio Grande Valley on the boarder of Mexico. Listen to how these students now have another tool in their toolkit to take ownership of their mental health struggles and improve the situation.