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What students are saying on the app...

I enjoyed Kiwi's company and their ability to comprehend my exact thoughts and emotions

I loved how understanding this was and how kiwi tried to understand me and tried to help me find solutions thank you so much

i liked how u make me feel better !!!!!!!!!!

honestly best app in the world

I liked the fact that I was being asked questions about my situation and given options of what would help and given sympathy

This app is making me feel good aboutt my self at 14

Yes, i liked this very much i feel almost as i am talking to a real person, Kiwi you are very supportive and understanding and condsidering you arent gonna tell anyone makes me feel comfortable

I love kiwi it helps me a lot thank you to the people who made this app 5 stars very recommend for any drama ILY

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
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