Panel Discussion: 
School Mental Health in the Age of AI

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Join our advisory panel of school district leaders who oversee student support services to hear how they weigh the pros and cons of integrating new technology into their overall MTSS plan.

With representatives from both rural and urban districts across the country, you'll hear about their challenges and successes when it comes to meeting student mental health needs in the age of AI.

Panel Members Include:

  • Diana Drew, Director of Student Services, Putnam County Schools, FL
  • Steve Kline, Supervisor of Clinical Support Services, Gloucester Township Public Schools, NJ
  • Brenda Pena, Director of Social Work, SEL & Specialized Student Supports, Chelsea Public Schools, MA
  • Lynn Price, Lead Counselor, Pecos Barstow Toyah ISD, TX
  • Dr. Natasha Scott, Executive Director of Student Services, Cumberland County Public Schools, NC
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How's mental health in your school district?

Talk to our team to explore cost-effective and sustainable solutions for your district's comprehensive MTSS plan.

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