Immediate mental health relief for
every student.

Schools support 3x more students with clinician-powered AI that is effective, scalable and sustainable.


A new approach to tier 1 support

Alongside is a web and mobile app that provides personalized, 24/7 mental health support for middle and high school students.

AI Chatbot with Clinical Exercises

Students confidentially chat about their problems, and build clinically-proven plans to address them, in their native language.

Self-Help Activities

Through curated videos, mood tracking, and journaling, students develop resilience, mindfulness and social skills.

Escalation & Safety

Alongside alerts school personnel and enables safety protocols in cases of suicidal ideation and severe issues.

Real-Time Data

Information about product usage, health habits, and student stressors enables staff to provide timely and responsive counseling.

Benefits & Outcomes

Reach the unreached,
Identify students in crisis

Alongside removes barriers to mental health support by empowering students to access help for everyday issues and providing an on-ramp to counselors for more complex needs.

Move the needle on district priorities

Decrease discipline referrals

Schools have reported a 30% reduction in disciplinary referrals after introducing Alongside.

Improve culture & climate

Districts experience noticeable culture and climate improvements, including happier students and staff.

Reduce self-harm & bullying

Counselors are able to identify students in crisis and get them the help they need sooner.

Meet the team

Powered by clinicians...

Our expert team develops engaging chat experiences that combine
evidence-based clinical strategies with the responsiveness of AI.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Family Therapist
Licensed Clinical Counselor
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Family Therapist
Licensed Clinical Counselor
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“My ideas came alive in the app... the knowledge I gained working under [clinicians] can become a career”

Alongside Intern

“I tend to overthink a lot... within 10-15 minutes of having a conversation, I'm feeling a lot better”

Alongside Intern

"I was scared to talk about my anxiety... my family pushed me to get help... but there are millions of students who don't have access to help"

Alongside Intern

...built with teens

Teens help design new product features and refine language for AI-supported chat modules, ensuring engagement and safety for their peers. The result: 86% of students nationwide find chats helpful.


of students rate chats as helpful


share chats with counselors

School partners

Partnering with districts nationwide

Join a growing community of schools and districts committed to providing their students with 24/7 mental health relief.

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